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Corporate & Sub's
Small enterprise
Experience with large operations and subsidiaries


Director in charge of different departments:
Sales small and medium busines market, Technical support, Marketing, Sales  Corporate segment.

 Has been involved in the thoughest cultural change management of the belgian market.








Learning & experiences include:

  • Change management (culture, process, systems, measurement);
  • Complex Organisation: large and de-centralized, mixing up different cultures, facing to Union based workforce.
  • Multi-cultural management: leading and coaching sales, tech.support or marketing people;
  • Crisis management and department re-structuring;
  • Cross-functions and -divisions relations and interactions;
  • Sales and marketing for both 1 to 1 customers and 1 to N (low business);
  • regulated business environment.



Other Business management experiences with TELINDUS (now Belgacom), Digital Eqt (now HP) and SPERRY UNIVAC (now UNISYS).

Expercom as a Belgacom/France Telecom/ Telindus subsidiary

General manager

Starting up the operation as the Joint-Venture Telindus / France Cābles et Radio (FRANCE TELECOM) and RTT-Belgacom (Belgian PTT later BELGACOM) for developing activities in consulting, engineering and facilities management services in the area of corporate telecommunication. In September 1992 the company has been acquired by Belgacom and became a 100 % subsidiary in the value added services offering of the Belgian Telecom operator.

Learning & experiences
  •  Start-up: creating the company from scratch, developing the consulting business in a very technical environment and in line with 3 shareholders with different visions and strategies as well as different  culture and management styles;
  • reporting to the board (3 directors France Cables et Radio, Telindus, RTT) in the first stage and than BELGACOM directors;
  • The company developed substantial value added service(consulting, project management, engineering) on top of the classical Telco offering. Expercom did achieve or contribute to major projects.

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