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 Our Management Solutions:

1. “Interim” Management
is the short-term assignment of a proven heavyweight executive. 

Urgent action is required:

-a manager can suddenly disappear (transfer, leave, disease,...)
-a director can be temporarily unavailable(health, training,...);
-a business has to evolve towards a more professional organisation;
-a department needs remodelling;
-the performances of an organisation need to be investigated and re-stated;
-a “special” project has to be started ...


-A permanent role may be unnecessary or there may be insufficient time to make a permanent appointment                                                                       

-Or internally there may not be anybody suitable for or available to take up the position.

2. Crisis and/or change management
are typically executive assignments in companies willing to change and improve some business operations. Leadership, drive, strong business and people management skills are required to address this kind of issues.

3. Business development (start-up) or business tune-up (cost reduction analysis) requires senior management skills: developed analytical skills, solid sense of reality, a good broad but pragmatic view and a dynamic and entrepreneurial style.

4B2B Consulting may provide you with management solutions while meeting your most demanding requirements in addressing the issues raised by these situations.

We take effect with:

o Sense of Urgency.
o Experience & Objectivity.
o Accountability & Effectiveness.
o Commitment & Focus 
o Results Orientation

Our scope:

We operate preferably in multi-cultural and/or multi-functional environments among business entities addressing the B. to B. market with technical or technology based products and services.

Our regional sector:

Belgium, France, Netherlands and Luxemburg are our target regions.

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